Tongue foot

tongue foot

Better the foot slip than the tongue. This page is about the saying "Better the foot slip than the tongue". Possible meaning: It is better to take a bad step in walking than to say the wrong thing in talking. We can do a lot of damage when we say something by mistake. The elliptical nature of this saying may make it difficult to. BAL tongue jack Foot Pad helps stabilize tongue jack and keeps the leg from sinking in sand or loose dirt. Jack Stand Drop Leg Foot Pad Insert Camper Trailer Extra Height for Jacks with 2" Inner Diameter. Tongue Jack - Tall - BAL tongue jack Foot Pad helps stabilize tongue jack and. Keep your tongue jack leg from sinking into soft ground. Fits 2" jack tubes and includes a locking pin to secure the foot pad to the jack leg during travel. Fits jacks with a weight capacity to up to 2, lbs. BAL PRODUCTS div of NORCO IND tongue foot 3 Dec Giant anteaters have no teeth, but a specialized tongue allows them to eat up to 30, ants and termites each day. These animals are perfectly designed to feed on these little critters, which is great, because ants are a very reliable food source . The anteater's narrow tongue is about 2 feet (60 centimeters). Meaning: It is better to hurt oneself by taking a tumble (a slip of the foot) than to hurt someone else by saying the wrong thing (a slip of the tongue). Or, it is better to literally fall down than to risk one's reputation by saying something stupid or something we will later regret. We can do a lot of damage — to. 4 Apr Teen With Backwards Foot Attached To Knee Meets Other Cancer Survivors Like Her - Duration: Inside Edition 9,, views · kid throws up after her first kiss.. - Duration: Mastersaint 11,, views · · Dr Patrick Price - Foot Adjustment - Duration: pricepatrick64 1,,

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