Red latin

red latin

How do you say 'red' in Latin? Here's a list of words you may be looking for. English, Latin (translated indirectly), Esperanto. info red. adjective. . info ablush. adjective. ;. info blushing. adjective.) info ruber. adjective. ;. info rufus. adjective. info ruĝa. adjective. 1 Latin. Pronunciation; Etymology 1. Adjective. Inflection; Alternative forms; Synonyms; Related terms; Descendants. Etymology 2. Adjective. Inflection; Related terms. References Etymology 1[edit]. From rubeō (“I am red, reddish”).

: Red latin

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SMALL BAREBACK Hmmm…JK Rowling often, if not always, attached some significance to the names of her Harry Potter characters. Maeve on July 05, 5: Its relation to the Latin word for black is tenuous. Subscribers red latin access to our exercise archives, emo gaymen courses, writing jobs and much more! Among the many Latin words that inform the English vocabulary are several that derive from Roman words for colors. Lisa on July 06, Cancel comment Name required:
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red latin


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